Musicians Sufjan Stevens and Castanets front man Raymond Raposa provide live musical accompaniment to Kaleo La Belle’s award-winning documentary Beyond This Place. Deeply reflective, this film charts La Belle’s attempts to reconnect with his perpetually stoned, long-estranged father Cloud Rock during a grueling 500-mile bike tour across the Pacific Northwest. Cloud Rock has been stoned for the last 40 years. Psychedelic drugs and absolute freedom are, for him, religious beliefs. Kaleo is eager to move past his feelings of resentment, forgive his father, and come to understand the innate love that exists between father and son. In a confrontation of the past, these two men struggle to forge a future. Can they see their polar-opposite values and philosophies? Can a son forgive a father who’s not asking for forgiveness? Stevens and Raposa provide a live score of original music to this emotionally nuanced look at family ties and the process of moving on. BEYOND THIS PLACE won the Golden Horn for Best Documentary at the 50th Krakow Film Festival.

Q + A with director Kaleo La Belle will follow film screening

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